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Get a quotes of the day

Get a quotes of the day

  • As somebody who participates in the overall PC ecosystem, it’s totally great when faster wireless networks and standards come out or when graphics get faster. Windows 8 was like this giant sadness. It just hurts everybody in the PC business.Gabe Newell

  • Most people who end up being successful have good grades , but its orthogonal- there’s no extra information than if they put together a website and have bunch of fans who love coming and seeing what they’re doing. Gabe Newell

  • The PC is successful because we’re all benefiting from the competition with each other. If Twitter comes along, our games benefit. If Nvidia makes better graphics technology, all the games are going to shine. If we come out with a better game, people are going to buy more PCs. Gabe Newell

  • I consider Apple to be very closed. Let’s say you have a book business, and you are charging 5 to 7 percent gross margins; you can’t exist in an Apple world because they want 30 percent, and they don’t care that you only have 7 percent to play with.Gabe Newell.

  • I remember back in the early days of Microsoft that from the day that you decided that you were just going to put out an ad to a customer – and all you were usually able to tell them was that a new product was available – it was about nine months before you could actually reach the first customer…continue reading...

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The WordPress Coding Standards: Single Quotes and Double Quotes

wordpress-tag-cloud-2In this series, we’re taking a look at the WordPress PHP Coding Standards in order further understand how quality WordPress code should be written.

Sure, all of this is documented in the WordPress Coding Standards and it’s a site that every WordPress developer should have bookmarked and on hand when working on a theme, a plugin, or an application; however, if you’re just getting into WordPress development, then it’s important to understand the rationale as to why the conventions are the way they are.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the use of single quotes and double quotes specifically when dealing with strings.

This may be the shortest, most straightforward article in the series, but it should cover some important nuances as it relates to working with single quotes, double quotes, and strings in WordPress..Continue reading

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Perfect Quotes – a WordPress plugin

development_bannerRecently a family member asked me to help set up a WordPress site so they could start blogging and share with the world their thoughts about life. One of the things requested was a plugin that would allow them to put a quote they liked onto the sidebar. It seemed like a simple enough request. So I headed off to to look at their vast plugin library.

What started out as a simple plugin request, turned out to be somewhat of a disheartening dead end. Don’t get me wrong; there are tons of quote plugins out there. I just wasn’t able to find anything that was simple and straight forward.

Most of the plugins pulled quotes from external websites and displayed random quotes. Others were poorly written and confusing to implement, much less use. Here is what I wanted: to enter whatever quote I want, to add an author or source of the quote, and to show that quote where I want, when I want, and how I want. And then I had a thought, “I’ll just make it myself!”. And Perfect Quotes was born. continue reading

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25 Lessons, Quotes, and Productivity Tips from WordPress Founder Matthew Mullenweg

wake-naturallyClick Here⇒

10 Productivity Tips from Mullenweg

#1 Wake Naturally

#2 Have an Unplugged Morning

#3 Ditch the Coffee

#4 Know Your Prime Times

#5 Respect Flow…Continue reading


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30 Love Quotes Tweaked for Blogging and WordPress

Quotations are great ways of conveying the message. A few words in a quote sometimes make more effect than a passage of 1000 words. With Love in the air, it would be in order to look at some popular love quotes and tweak them for blogging and bloggers. These are also quotes on WordPress or ‘I love WordPress’ quotes or ‘I Love Blogging’ quotes. All love quotations are from the Quote Garden and all Blogging and WordPress quotes are by me. Feel free to share your ‘I love Blogging/WordPress’ quote in the comments. Do not hesitate to say ‘I Love You’ to your Valentine and WordPress.We-Love-WordPressContinue reading

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