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On the Way

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WordPress tutorial for beginners step by step

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2015: Step by Step Build Your Website

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Getting Started

Getting Started

3d illustration of three cranes building text 'web site' over white background

3d illustration of three cranes building text ‘web site’ over white background

Build your own website

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You can install wordpress

You can install wordpress

blog-installThe five steps to install WordPress…

Step 1: Install wamp server on your machine.
Start Download here

Step 2:Download and Install wordpress Click here

Step 3:Third, we’ll create a MySQL database and user for WordPress.

Step 4:Then we’ll configure WordPress to connect to our newly-created database,

Step 5: and last, complete the installation and setup our new website


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Good reads

Good reads

Quotes About WordPress

Quotes tagged as “wordpress” (showing 1-5 of 10)
“The Temperature is Rising

The heartbeat quickens my breath is controlled,my senses are illuminated like a mother to her young. This feeling I have I’ve know it before, when the gates are opened I’ll remember the beginning. Awaiting, dreaming imagining the endless possibilities of moments together as I give into my desires. My body reacts it has a mind of its own leaving little clues yet I continue on.

Poised and professional I cross my origin the passion that awaits it stirs like a simmer. The sweet aroma a treat being made just for him I know he will like, the hunger in his eyes his mouth soft and strong it only took me a moment as he continued to look on. I didn’t even recognize my sound as I was in a sphere all alone I hoped and imagined it would be but my mind was left in awe like sweet chocolate after a meal.”
M.I. Ghostwriter

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Contrary to what you might be thinking right now, starting and managing your own blog is quite easy. You don’t need any development or design skills. Here is what we suggest as the easiest path to create a blog site:

Step 1: Choose which software you want to use to manage your blog

There are 3 popular FREE blogging tools we recommend: WordPress, TextPattern, and Nucleus. WordPress is the most popular blog tool,usually preferred for both being easy to work with and very powerful in terms of functionality. That is why if you don’t really have any preferences or expectations, we recommend you to go with WordPress.

Need to consult someone? Talk to our customer service to help you choose your software.

Step 2: Find a host that supports your chosen software

By all means, you will need hosting to go live with your blog. The key to finding the right host is to get one specialized in supporting the software you like. There are three questions you can ask the hosts you are checking in order to determine if they are good to host your software:

    • Do you install WordPress/Nucleus/TextPattern?

Most hosts will say yes to this one. In their control panels, most hosting providers have included Fantastico or Softaculous or another script auto-installer, which allows you to install more than 100 scripts ready to go, one of which would be the script you chose. Some good hosts will also offer professional installation by their support, which might be free or paid. We at SiteGround both offer 1-click installation with Softaculous and free professional installation of any of the scripts you have chosen.

    • Do you install themes for WordPress/Nucleus/TextPattern?

Not many hosts will say yes to this one, but good ones will. SiteGround will install WordPress themes for free and Nucleus and Textpattern templates for an affordable fee.

    • Do you support WordPress/Nucleus/TextPattern if there is a problem with the blog that is not hosting-related?

Most hosts will say no to this one. Only specialized hosts, like the one you should be looking for, are willing to go the extra mile and assist you with answers and fixes to problems you encounter when managing your blog. SiteGround has specialized in hosting various blog tools and our tech support will gladly assist you with any blog issue that might pop up.

Step 3: Choose a theme for your blog

Your basic blog software installation always comes with a default theme, which means you have your design ready. If you don’t like it or you are looking for something unique, there are plenty of free (and of course paid) themes for your blog that you may choose from.

In case you are not going to use the services of your host, here are tutorials on how to install a theme on your own from the backend of your software.

Step 4: Start blogging!

Well, you have it all set and you are ready to go blogging. To add content using your newly installed software, you might need help once in a while. Here are the best step-by-step tutorials to consult:

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WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

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